Marc Maron

by Sidney Delorean

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Marc mm-mm-Marc, ma-Marc ma-Marc Maron
you’re so fine, I can’t stop staring
It’s true, you’re my jew
there are no words for what I wanna do to you

Friday night, I’m listening to What the Fuck,
Get online and send you pictures of my butt

Thrilled by you, lovin' all your facets
Wondering what you look like without your glasses
they’re gonna come off when we get down to business
kick the cat out the room, this sin needs no witness

let’s get together and obsess over food
I’ll listen to you kvetch, long as you’re in the nude

You hate yourself? Well I hate me too
but we’d both feel better if I blew you
I don’t wanna forward, I don’t wanna be rude
but my vag could change your entire attitude

You got loads of records, but you don’t have me
drop your needle on my this, it’ll set you free

I bought the mug, I bought the shirt
Now it’s time for you to watch me twerk
You’re worked up, but don’t go berserk
I’ll serve you dessert, yep it’s time to insert

I’m allergic to cats, but I will not pout
Let me pop this benedryl, now we’ll turn this out

It’s true I’m young, but please don’t be bothered
No issues with dad, not looking for a father
Age, doesn’t matter, let’s not make it awkward
Let me see that dick, I really would be honored

(Breakdown to be inserted somewhere)
Got the dick munchies and wet panties, close the draperies, it’s you I wanna please,
Let get on my knees, blow job not hobby, take it seriously, no no no no no potshki

Sidney Sea Bass, a shiksa jezebel
Chasing you down, after your shmekele

I don’t want your money, don’t wanna have your babies
Know you like ‘em nuts, but I’m not those ladies
I keep it chill, never crazy, never shady
And I put in work, no I don’t get lazy

And I’m sure that when I get undressed
you’ll see something you like, that you’ll wanna fres


released October 22, 2014
Lyrics and production by SIdney Delorean
Instrumental track courtesy of



all rights reserved


Sidney Delorean Phoenix, Arizona

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