Average Dicks

by Sidney Delorean

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This goes out to the men with average sized dicks
Not too long and not too thick
If you're right in the middle then I'm your chick
Hell yeah hell yeah I'm a ride or die bitch
A big dick'll tear your open it'll leave you sore
A regular, unleaded, you're good to go for more
Average Joe, come on and come over here
Finish your beer it's time to shift into gear

Nothing worse than the shock of an oversized cock
rub you raw, leave you sore sitting on an ice block
I’ve Been around the block, I've been a whore
Learned all I need is the dick next door

Your dick is like a C student baby

When it comes to a sandwich, I’ll take it foot long
But half that length when it comes to the dong
I want a nice meal, no need for a feast
I'm looking for a man, not searching for a beast
Don't get me wrong, I need more than a snack
cuz those dollhouse boners are crazy, fucking, whack

I met this guy, I thought he was Prince Charming
But found the big bad wolf in his pants so alarming
This ain’t a fairy tale, no happily every after
I can’t be tied down, cuz I’m a fucking rapper

Goldilocks of the cocks, breaking into your house
on the prowl for a dowel, cat chasin' a mouse
This one's too big, and that one's too little
Right in the middle, now we've solved the whole riddle

I'm not a size Queen, no it's not my scene
Just right in the middle in math it's called a mean
Watch out for Sea Bass, she's on the attack
Gonna sip on that dick like it's a sazerac
I’m a red headed slut with a really great butt
just looking for 6 inches, cut or uncut


released August 5, 2014
Lyrics by Sidney Delorean
Instrumental track by Com Truise
Production by Sidney Delorean



all rights reserved


Sidney Delorean Phoenix, Arizona

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